DMbaby Bike Wheel Light – Best Gifts

£15.99 (as of 16th March 2019, 6:31 am) £12.99

BE COOL! As seen on FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS News, these LED bike wheel and frame lights are the hottest new thing to hit SoCal and trend-setting cities across America. Your bike will turn heads, GUARANTEED! Each box lights 2 wheels. Get Ready to Ride in Style!
BE SAFE! Gain increased visibility from all directions so you and your loved ones are safer in low light conditions. Normal bike lights can only be seen from the front and back, leaving you vulnerable from the sides. Your bike will STAND OUT from all angles, whether you are moving or not. Want even more ATTENTION? Switch from “constant on” to “flashing” mode. Get yours now!
YOU WANT EASY INSTALLATION? You got it! These super cool LED bicycle rim lights fit more bikes than any other model…from 12″ toddler bikes all the way up to 29″ adult bicycles. NO TOOLS REQUIRED! Click the add to cart button now!